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    The Retire Wright Show

    The Retire Wright Show

    Source: The Retire Wright Show

    The Retire Wright Show with Host Issac Wright.  Call us at (804) 777-9999

    Your retirement questions. Answered. Now find out how he can help guide you on the path to your retirement goals!

    We are committed to protecting the dreams and goals of families who are concerned with financial, retirement, estate, and long-term care planning. Our staff at Financial Dynamics & Associates, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality service and information in order to update and educate our clients. We will offer a helping hand at every step, using our experience and expertise to lighten the burdens for our clients and those who love them.

    Your Host:
    Isaac W. Wright
    President, Author, Financial Commentator

    Isaac Wright is a comprehensive financial planner with a focus on retirement planning and asset preservation for families and retirees. He is well recognized in the community and has been assisting families and retirees reach their financial, retirement, and estate planning goals for over 15 years. He has built a reputation with his colleagues and clients as a problem solver while providing exceptional customer service.

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    The Belle

    When it comes to Gospel music, News or anything to do with the genre of Gospel, Sheilah Belle a.k.a. “The Belle” has become the leading source when it comes to getting to the bottom line and making things happen.  High on integrity, honesty and years with reporting, on-air and journalism experience, The Belle is a well respected and a well known Gospel personality and journalists across the country.  With more than 20 years of on-air television, radio and print experience, The Belle has interviewed everyone from Nelson Mandela, P. Diddy to Kirk Franklin.  Her journalism creditability has put her on the same stage with some of the top Religious and Political leaders in the country, when she is not holding down her own talk show or being flown in, to cover an event.  The Belle’s radio career began back at WKIE, and now says, “Radio is in my DNA.  It’s been for years.  I have worked in television too, including, WWL TV in New Orleans, WRIC TV in Richmond, as a Helicopter traffic reporter and as BET’s Richmond correspondent as well as many other media outlets.  However nothing really stays with you like radio.  It’s comfortable and where I feel most at home.”  As for my newest journey at Radio One Richmond, I see only opportunities, as God orders my steps for Praise 104.7 FM and 99.3/KISS 105.7 FM.  Simply, as The Belle of Gospel, she says, ” I am always ringing for Jesus regardless of what station I’m on.”

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