The “Forget Me Not Project” Fights Against Alzheimer’s

He is the creative director and CEO of “Gdavis Productions” and the force behind great celebrity cast plays as “Jessie and Lucy,” The Lord Will Make a Way,” Love and Happiness” and countless other critically acclaimed projects. Mr. Garrett Davis has been recently named one of the Ambassadors for the National Association of Alzheimer’s representing North Carolina. Alzheimer’s Disease is completely devastating to families financially and emotionally.

Mr. Garrett is the founder of the “Forget Me Not Project” where as it’s an initiative to raise awareness about the Alzheimer’s Disease to support families, caregivers, scientific research and clinical trials, as well as, help shape public policy for funding that might lead to discoveries and outcomes that directly helps to avoid a looming public health disaster.

The project’s National Spokesperson is Ms. Bernadette Stanis best known for her role as “Thelma” on the TV series Good Times. Ms. Stanis is currently an Alzheimer caregiver to her mother and is advocating for continuous education, awareness and ultimately the eradication of this dreaded disease.

Quick Facts About Alzheimer’s Disease provided by the Alzheimer’s Association for the Forget Me Not Project:

Alzheimer’s affects 5.4 million Americans

1 in 8 older American has Alzheimer’s

130,000 cases in Virginia in 2010, projected to reach 160,000 by 2025

5th leading cause of death for those 65 and older

African Americans are twice as likely and Hispanics are 1.5 times as likely to attract the disease

Family care-givers deliver 80% of care provided at home

6th leading cause of death in the United States

Thank you on behalf of the FMN Project stakeholders your voices were heard at the Townhall and Listening Session at 5th Baptist Church in Richmond and will be sent to Washington, DC.

The Forget Me Not Project Grand Gala and official kick off will take place in Richmond on November 18-19, 2011 at the Richmond’s Landmark Theatre.

Community I(we) need you. I can’t imagine my mother being able to see me, feel me, hear me but not know me. Let’s get educated, updated and fight against this disease. According to the local Alzheimer’s Association there are 130,000 people living with Alzheimer’s and there are 422,000 caregivers in Virginia.

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